3 Benefits Of Installing Granite Countertops In Your Apartment Units

If you are a landlord who owns an apartment building, and if you are thinking about upgrading the kitchens, you may want to consider granite countertops. Of course, this might not be an option that you have even considered for your apartment units. After all, many apartments have much more affordable countertops. However, you could find that it's a good choice for all of your units. These are a few benefits of making this choice. [Read More]

What Should You Consider for Your Interior Design Project Budget?

The first step in any interior designing project should be determining the budget. The budget can influence every aspect of the project, including the furnishings and deadline for the renovation. Creating a budget takes more than guessing. There are several factors to consider. To help you develop a budget, here are a few tips to remember. List Wants & Needs Your wants and needs play a major role in how much should be designated for the interior designing project. [Read More]

Consider Reupholstering Your Current Worn-Out Couches

When you purchase couches and chairs, the fact is that you expect the pieces to last for a very long time. Well, depending on whether the furniture was built with your quality needs in mind, the pieces may begin to cause discomfort sooner than you expected. All you want to do is relax on your couch or love-seat and even fall asleep there when you're tired. If the fabric is all stained and the cushions are flat, make arrangements to reupholster your current worn-out couches. [Read More]

How To Make A Small Room Appear Larger

Small rooms may seem difficult to decorate, but it can be done. They need to be decorated in a different manner than larger rooms, but when finished, the space can appear to be larger. The key is using light and the right decor properly in order to create the illusion of space, without making the room feel cluttered or overwhelmed with items. See below for tips and instructions on how to make a small space feel larger. [Read More]