Learning About Color Use In Interior Design

Make Strategic Use Of Circle And Square Shapes In Interior Decorating

As you update your interior design, you have a chance to do more than just refresh a space. You can remake it entirely, give it new energy, and change the way everyone feels while using it. One key element that will contribute significantly to this will be the use of shapes. 

What do some of the most common shapes bring to the room? Here are a few key things to know and how to use that for a better room. 

1. Squares and Rectangles

Certainly, the most common shapes in most homes are squares and rectangles. These are the basic shapes most rooms use as a base, as they provide the easiest and most efficient layout and use of square footage. The humble square shows up throughout home design, including in rugs, furniture groupings, islands, tables, showers, and more. Squares and rectangles are simple, easy on the eye, and cost-effective.

However, these shapes also reflect stability and permanence, leading to a comforting space. They can give a room more elegance and are often seen as traditional. All those characteristics also mean they often fade more into the background. You can push a table right up to the wall, for example, both saving space and limiting its visual impact. 

2. Circles and Ovals

Less commonly seen shapes are circles and ovals. This makes them ideal for use as a stunning visual surprise. Circle mirrors, tables, and rugs draw the eye and stand out among other furnishings. Use circles to turn an ordinary element — like a rug or window — into a true centerpiece. 

The round edges of circles, ovals, and related shapes soften the space, too. Nothing but harsh angles and straight lines may make a room feel a bit industrial and unwelcoming, but a few curves take off the edge. Mix these with other softening elements like fabrics and textures. 

Finally, circles and ovals may have some space-saving advantages. While they don't fit quite as neatly in most home layouts, circles can take up less overall space than comparable squares. The key is usually in the fact that there is less surface area and more maneuvering room around them. 

Where Can You Learn More?

The right mix of shapes will help you transform your home no matter whether the redesign is large-scale or limited. What is the right mix for your space? Find out by meeting with an interior decorating professional in your area today. Whatever your room goals — be they to maximize space, change a room's vibe, or curate a new decorative style — they will help you find success.