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How To Make A Small Room Appear Larger

Small rooms may seem difficult to decorate, but it can be done. They need to be decorated in a different manner than larger rooms, but when finished, the space can appear to be larger. The key is using light and the right decor properly in order to create the illusion of space, without making the room feel cluttered or overwhelmed with items. See below for tips and instructions on how to make a small space feel larger.


Use a large mirror either hung on the wall or leaning in the corner. An over-sized mirror will help to reflect light, as well as the image of the room, helping to give the illusion of a larger space. If you're hanging the mirror, make it the focal point of the room, and be sure it reflects both the natural lighting and the artificial lighting in that particular room. This will also help make the room brighter.

Paint Scheme

The paint you use can either make a room appear larger or smaller. Cool/light colors can help make a room look larger, while warm/dark colors can make a room appear smaller. For small spaces, keep the paint light and cool. Painting a room all one color helps make a room look larger as well.


Add height to a room by raising your curtain rod about six inches above the window casing. Also use long, floor-length curtains. Adding height to a room gives the illusion of more space. You can also open up the curtains wider than the window to make the window appear larger, while also letting in more light.


Use furniture that is scaled to the size of the room you are working with. If you have a smaller bedroom that you plan on using as a guest room, don't put a queen-sized bed in it. Try instead to put a smaller daybed or full-sized bed in the room so it doesn't take up all of the space in the room. Also, use just one small nightstand and a small organizer in the closet for a dresser.


Remove clutter from small rooms to help make the space feel more open. Remove small decorative items and collections you have scattered around the room. Keep the room more organized and cleaned out instead. You can still add decorative touches here and there, but don't overdo it.

Small rooms can look decorated nicely, without making them feel cluttered or claustrophobic. Let the light in, create a focal point, and keep it organized. For more information and advice, contact a company like B Graham Interiors.