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3 Tips For Selecting Frames For Family Pictures

If you have children, it is likely that you want to frame some photos of your children to display in your home. However, with advancements in photo technology, it is likely that you have several photos that are worth displaying. It can be difficult to curate the photos and select appropriate frames to display your best options. However, these three tips will help you create a plan for displaying family photos and select the correct frames for your home. 

Select Different Frame Styles If Your Pictures Are Similar 

A photo series can capture the way your children change over time, places your family travels together, or values that your family shares. A few good examples of photo series include first day of school photos or only photos taken on colorful playgrounds. The good thing about photos that are similar in theme and composition is that it allows you to select a wide variety of frames for your photos

For example, if your photos are very similar, you can mix wood frames with metal frames. You can also opt for more ornate frames mixed with plain, simple frames. This adds visual interest to your photo wall without becoming overwhelming. 

Select Similar Frame Styles If Your Pictures Have Variety 

Perhaps you do not have a particular series that you want to display. If you have a variety of photos that have drastically different compositions, you can pull them together by using similar frames. For example, a simple black frame with a neutral mount can be used to integrate color photos with black and white photos. If you still want three-dimensional visual interest, you can mix different frame shapes, such as ovals and squares, that have the same frame material, such as a thin metal strip. 

Consider Small Prints In Collage Frames Verses Large Prints of Fewer Photos 

If it is difficult to narrow down your photo choices, you can print smaller sizes of the photos and put them into a collage frame. This allows you to group your photos together. For example, you may create one collage for each child or create a collage of baby pictures followed by a collage of preschool photos. Photo collages work well in hallways, where people can get close to the collages to see the photos. 

Alternatively, if you can narrow down your photo options and you have decent photo quality, you may want to opt for large prints. However, you should only use a few large prints in a room to avoid overwhelming the space. For example, a large family portrait can be a good option for a living room or sitting room.